Tahitentis vanilla pods from Tahiti - 250g - the world's most prized vanilla

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Sold in tub of 250 grams.

Vanilla is the fruit of the orchid, a plant which grows in shady tropical zones where the soil is well-drained.

During its growth, the vanilla pod has to be very carefully artificially fertilized by hand. The pods take about nine months to mature before undergoing various procedures including alternate drying periods in sunshine and shade.

The pods which should have a dark brown, oily aspect are then sorted and graded. It is due to the long process of planting, growing, drying and sorting vanilla- mostly by hand- that its price makes it one of the most expensive spices in the world.

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Weight 250g
Specification Eurovanille was created in 1990 by two brothers, Laurent and Olivier Bourgois. The company specialises in natural vanilla from cultivation to distribution.
Milk and cream: 2 pods per litre. Pods are ideal for any milk-based dish as the whole aromatic profile is enhanced. We advise an infusion in warm milk in order to bring out the full range of flavours. Cream and ice-cream: 2.5 pods per litre. Pods and extract are suitable for these types of dishes. Moreover, the presence of vanilla seeds enhances the visual aspect of your desserts. Chocolate: 4 pods per litre. Vanilla pods retain their full flavours and aromas in a ganache or chocolate preparation.