Maitre Artisan Boulanger Pascal Toussaint succeeded developing an exceptional recipe of spiced cake by giving it a unique taste, flavor and incredible texture.

Thanks to a rigorous selection of a aromatic honey and a balanced blend of spices, Maison Toussaint gingerbreads are as smooth and mellow as homemade cakes.

Either with a cup of tea or with yogurts, the original Gingerbread will take your taste buds in an unforgettable ride. Pascal Toussaint special foie gras and toasts gingerbread will accompany very nicely your foie gras terrine thanks to a special recipe elaborated purposely. More recently, Pascal innovated with another creation for the chocolate lovers : gingerbread with guanaja chocolate fondant in the center, a pure delight !

  1. Artisan Original gingerbread - 440g - no preservative, no colouring, no palm-oil
    Maison Toussaint France
    * Available