Raw organic monovarietal honey from rosewood flowers - 500g


Color: Light yellow

Texture: Liquid, fine consistency

Smell: strong

Flavor: Sweet with a good flutter in the mouth

Mono-floral honey as its name indicates comes from a single variety of flowers (at 80%).
As the bees are working within a radius of 5 to 6 km, the beekeeper must ensure their hives are placed near the particular flower. Nowadays, only a few countries can claim to this appellation.
From a medicinal point of view, mono-floral honey is undoubtedly richer in vitamins and minerals than a multi-flowers honey.       

More Information
Weight 500g
Specification This honey is known for its health benefits. It contains vitamins, calcium, iron and amino acids and minerals. Most of the therapeutic properties of honey plants are transmitted to the flowers and hence to their nectar. Rosewood honey prevents heart problems and restores blood flow.