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Some people may think that organic food is a new marketing trend. In fact, the organic farming movement arose in the 1940s in response to the industrialization of agriculture.

Although more and more conventional food producers are tempted to promote their produce as organic, the organic industry remains heavily regulated. The "organic" certification based on government defined standards is controlled through an official labelling system, this system is fundamental as it certifies the authentic organic food products versus the so-called ones, trying to abuse consumer confidence for mercantile reasons.

Our organic food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We take pride in providing every single product you see on this website. Our organic free-range chicken, our organic free-range turkey or our organic extra virgin olive oil, amongst other products, were very carefully chosen so as to get the best quality ingredients we can for your cooking. You can get organic food in Dubaï anytime you wnt with Secret Fine Food !

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