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NEW Cold Cuts (halal)

Cold cuts ? Delicatessen ? What do they refer to exactly ? Delicatessen is a word with different meanings depending where it is used. In some countries, it means “gourmet grocery store” in some others, it deals with the “cold-cut” tradition of preparing meat.

Delicatessen or cold-cut used to be practiced in the ancient times, when salting, smoking or dry-curing were the only way to keep and store efficiently and tastefully meat. Since then, they are still very much appreciated either served as "antipasti", in salads or in sandwiches, they bring a valuable protein content.

We invite you to discover our new and healthy selection of halal artisanal cold-cuts, skillfully crafted according to traditional techniques and recipes, without using any synthesis coloring, preservative or polyphosphate.

This selection is 100% natural and halal guaranteed.