Satay blend / melange Satay from Indonesia - 70g

  • Terre Exotique
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Satay is a sweet salty hot mix from Indonesia. It is made from roasted peanuts, dried shrimps and tomatoes, cumin, ginger and many other spices. It is used in the Bali dish “Satay” made from skewers of marinated and grilled meat, served with rice and a peanut sauce. Ideal in marinades or with poultry or fish skewers.

Perfect for enhancing stews, sauces, pan-fried vegetables, or simply a bowl of rice or fresh pasta. Mix with some groundnut oil or with hot water before using it in marinades.

More Information
Brands Terre Exotique
Weight 70g
Specification Ingredients : Hot chili pepper, sesame, prawn, garlic, peanut, soybean oil, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, turmeric, coriander, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate E621.
Perfect for marinating King prawns, chicken or beef.