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Maple syrup chips / Pepites de sucre d'erable - 200g

Terre Exotique
__ AED 67.00 __

The sap runs in spring when the maple tree’s roots are still covered by snow. A 3 cm deep slit is cut in the trunk, allowing the sap to be collected in a pail.

It is then brought to the sugar shack in the center of the sugar bush, where it is boiled until it turns into syrup. Further boiling yields maple sugar.

These naturally sweet, crunchy chips are used like brown sugar on yogurts, fruit salads or on tarts, they will add a crispy and delicate texture. They are also perfect for caramelizing endives, scallops, and sweet and salty dishes.

Origin : The emblem of Canada This epitome of all things Canadian is made from the sap of the sugar maple, which is collected during spring thaw in all the forests of Eastern Canada. The province of Quebec is the main producer. Maple sugar from Plessisville goes through a slow transformation process that respects the purest of First Nations traditions. When the French landed in America in the 16th century, they discovered that the Micmac tribe, whose territory was located at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River, had been making a delicious syrup since the beginning of time. They used their tomahawks to cut the trunks of the maples and collect the sap that ran into birch bark containers.