Italian borlotti beans - 500g


Nutty in flavor with a creamy texture, borlotti are popular in Italian and Portuguese cuisines. Dried borlotti can be soaked overnight and then simmered under water or stock with vegetables and or meats. When cooked the beans will lose some of their bright markings and turn a light brown color. Their meaty, chestnut flavor make borlotti a wonderful main dish and a perfect side dish. Not particularly sweet, the beans can be tossed with extra virgin olive oil and your choice of spices.

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Weight 500g
Specification Respectful of the environment and sensitive to it, Bartolini family is at the forefront on the cultivation of biological products and work so that the agricultural productions are immune from chemical treatments. Their cattle helps to do this, providing a natural fertilizer useful for the cultivations, allowing us to close the cycle of biological cultivation.