Extra virgin olive oil from Italy with fresh lemon dressing - 500ml

Terre Bormane Italy

Citrus-flavored oils are very special condiments; they provide an appetizing alternative for the most varied and unusual preparations. Lemons are the most widely used citrus fruit since they are the most suitable for accompanying different foods.

This oil is obtained by carefully pressing the finest ripe olives at the same time as fresh lemons. They are ground with millstones to obtain a paste, which is extracted under controlled pressure once the right density has been achieved. Then the three liquid components - oil, water and lemon juice - are separated by centrifugation, by virtue of their different specific weights. The water and lemon juice seep out together, leaving the oil, which retains the flavor of the citrus fruit, a strong lemon fragrance, without no trace of the fruit, however.

This oil is delicious raw on fish starters, grilled or boiled fish, ‘bresaola’, fresh goat cheese, etc.

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Weight 500ml
Specification Used in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse and Daniel Boulud this line of olives oils balances the genuine, fragrant and earthy flavors of one of the best natural olive oils in the world. Created by Casa Olearia Taggiasca (Taggiasca Oil Mill) with Alain Ducasse as their master taster, these olive oils restore the genuine values and ancient traditions of the Liguria region. Olives of the highest quality harvested in Taggia - home of the famous taggiasca olive variety - are pressed using a combination of traditional stone wheel and modern dripping techniques resulting in the ideal olive oil for the most demanding home chef.