12-month aged Cotija cheese (cow milk) - 250g - one of the most traditional cheese in Mexico

  • Navarro
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The NAVARRO Aged Cotija Cheese is one of the most traditional cheeses in Mexico, its production is limited to specific areas of Jalisco and Michoac√°n (Jal-Mich mountain range) and is present in local, regional and national cuisine. It is a hard, dry cheese, with granular and brittle paste, its color is pearl to straw yellow, golden streaks given its maturation. With intense and penetrating aroma of mature cheese and some floral hints. Its flavor is powerful, marked with salt, with acid touches to crown the aftertaste and a long and pleasant persistence.

More Information

More Information
Brands Navarro
Weight 250g
Specification Imgerdients : Fresh cow's milk, salt, enzymes and calcium chloride.