EXPIRED 24..07 - Adobera cheese (pasteurised cow milk) - 400g - perfect for tacos & quesadillas

  • Navarro
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The NAVARRO Adobera Cheese is characterized by a balanced, smooth taste, tender and granular. Its soft texture allows it to crumble and shred, but it has the firmness to be cubed. It melts easily. As it matures, its texture becomes more creamy, uniform and compact, so it cannot be crumbled but its melting capacity will increase. The sum of all these characteristics make the NAVARRO Cheese Adobera a very versatile ingredient and valued in regional gastronomy. The NAVARRO Adobera Cheese can be consumed cold, as a snack, as garnish crumbled or cubed in soups, beans, rolled tacos or salads. Chopped in sandwiches, tacos and quesadillas; grated to prepare recipes that are stuffed; melted in chilaquiles and an infinity of typical Mexican and contemporary appetizers. Particularly, it is suitable for quesadillas since it can be chopped into thin slabs and easily melt.
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Ingredients: Fresh pasteurized whole cow's milk, Salt, Lactic cultures, Rennet and Calcium Chloride

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More Information
Brands Navarro
Weight 400g
Specification Ingredients : pasteurized whole cow's milk, salt, lactic cultures, rennet and calcium chlorides.