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Grana Padano - 200g

__ AED 26.00 __

Grana Padano Explore the taste of Mediterranean cuisine with this legendary cheese coming from Italy. With an ancestral handmade production, Grana Padano benefits from a Protected Designation of Origins which certifies its exceptional quality. Its pronounced and delicious taste will charm all the finest food lovers. In the kitchen, the possibilities are endless: break it into pieces to experience its granular texture, cut thin slices to give an aesthetic yet tasty finish to your culinary creations or use it grated to spice up your dishes. With Grana Padano, you can say goodbye to boredom and work your imagination to concoct the best sauces. Some slices and a bunch of walnuts will magnify your summer salads. Once grated, it will be perfect as a topping on your gratins and upon any pasta dish, especially bolognese and pesto. Some pieces of this cheese pricked with fruits (grape or apple, for instance) will make funky little skewers to be served as appetizers. You'll rejoice from the cracking feeling under the teeth. We recommend you to pick up a young white wine to get along or, perhaps, some red wine with character. This perfect combination will tickle the taste-buds of yours and of your guests. Available in any respectable dairy shop, you can now purchase it via online shopping.