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Texturas gellification Gellan - 400g

__ AED 495.00 __

A very recently discovered (1977) gelling agent obtained from the fermentation of Sphingomonas elodea bacteria. Depending on the production method, there are two different types of gellan. This sample is firm gellan. Gellan allows us to obtain a firm gel that slices cleanly and withstands temperatures of 90 °C (hot gelatin). Characteristics: Presented in a refined powder, heat to 85 °C, then allow to cool to achieve the gelifying effect. It loses its gelling capacity in concentrated saline solutions.

Gelatins are one of the most characteristic preparations in classical cuisine, and they have undergone greater evolution in modern cooking. Until a few years ago, they were made mainly with gelatin sheets; starting in 1997, Agar, a product of algae, was introduced and is now commonly used. The carrageenans Kappa and Iota are also obtained from algae and have particular properties of elasticity and firmness that give them their own identities. To complete the line, we present Gellan, that allows us to make a rigid, firm gel and Metil, a gelifier extracted from vegetable cellulose.