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Full blood and purebred Japanese wagyu beef tenderloin grade 9+ - 2kg (chilled) (halal) Limited stock

Master Kobe
__ AED 1,750.00 __

Experienced the inimitable marbling and sought after flavor that is Japanese beef.

100% full blood Japanese wagyu beef with a minimum of 500 days of special diet.

Like any other wagyu beef steaks, Kobe tenderloins should preferably be roasted either in slices or whole but be warned that, when choosing to prepare wagyu filet mignons in large cuts, chefs and connoisseurs warn us about the need to use a probe thermometer. This unit will allow us to measure with great precision the temperature of beef tenderloin filet mignons while cooking and so help us know when to remove our beef steaks right when they are perfect for our liking (doneness level).

If you are wondering which are the best sauces for your tenderloins, always bear in mind that quality steaks don't need but salt and pepper so when seasoning Kobe filet mignons, the rule to be followed is that less is better. In this sense, spanish salsa verde, béarnaise sauce or argentinean chimichurri are always safe bets.