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Full blood and purebred Japanese wagyu beef ribeye grade 9+ - 3kg (chilled) (halal) Limited stock

Master Kobe
__ AED 2,628.00 __

Our genuine Japanese Ribeye where they raise prized cattle, these densely marbled ribeyes are cut from the eye of the Beef rib. Perhaps the tenderest steak you’ll ever cut into, the juicy flavor profile is rich, beefy and truly unforgettable. Every bite practically melts in your mouth.

100% full Japanese blood and purebred wagyu beef.

Also known as “rib eye” wagyu beef steaks, ribeye steaks are cut from the rib primal of a beef and composed of the longissimus dorsi, complexus and spinalis muscles. The thickness or thinness of the steaks can be very different, as a result of being sliced mostly attending to their weight. As a general rule however it can be assumed that 14oz steaks are approximately 1.5" thick, 12oz steaks 1.25" thick and 10oz steaks 1".

Like all sorts of wagyu beef, broiled or roasted ribeye steaks are an exquisite delicacy when prepared in the simplest way, that is grilled, and always with very little dressing. Please note that, in order to truly enjoy your wagyu steaks' flavor and taste as they deserve to, they should be wrapped and left to rest for a quarter of an hour at least and only then be served and cut.

As for the recommended cooking speed, we would dare to say that (dependent on the oven and desired level of doneness), for well done stakes you need to bake at 160°, for medium at 140° and for rare at 120°.