Fresh summer truffle (tuber aestivum) - 50g - price may vary depending on market conditions

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Authentic fresh summer truffle from Italy.

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This type of fungi is highly prized for its numerous qualities. With its delicate aroma and subtle hazelnut-like taste, the tuber aestivum is one of the most popular truffle of the French and Italian gastronomy.

Its egg-shaped body is coated by a dark skin, but when fully ripe, the summer truffle reveals a lightly brown color inside. Having a considerably more delicate flavour than the black winter truffle, the tuber aestivum is a product of great choice for both beginners and experts to test new recipes.

Although they are better used right after harvest, truffles can be stored for short periods in a refrigerator and for longer periods in a freezer, as long as they are cleaned and dried before.