Oysters Tsarskaya n3 - "The Oysters for the Tsars"

Les Parcs Saint-Kerber France

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It is powerful on the palette, pure and with a taste of iodine, crunchy and tender, then releasing a sugary flavor that tastes almost like sweet almonds.

The « Tsarskaya » takes time to diffuse all the taste buds, before adding a slight hint of acidity at the end. The Tsarskaya oyster was awarded with the silver medal from the famous Concours General Agricole in 2011 and 2012.

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Specification The Tsars of Russia were avid consumers of oysters, and it was in honour of this fact that in 2004 the “Tsarskaya » oyster was born. Selected straight from the spat this oyster is farmed for 3 to 4 years at the heart of the farm, and is then nurtured in a very specific and careful way. It will delight enthusiasts with its fullness, white flesh and being firm to crunchy.

With Pepper : Using a pestle and mortar crush some pepper or a good mix of peppers. Scatter onto 4 Tsarskaya n°2, according to taste.

With lemon : Open 4 Tsarskaya n°2 oysters and place them around a large pile of wet salt to keep them in place. Remove the zest of ¼ lime and cut the flesh into small cubes (taking care not to touch the white part of the meat). On each of the 4 oysters spread the zest of 3 pieces of lime pith, or ½ teaspoon of good quality olive oil flavoured with lemon juice.