Oscietra Caviar from the prestigious Oscietra sturgeon specie - 15g - marine savours with a touch of dried fruits

Sturia France

The Oscietra caviar is a very delicate caviar by the Sturia house. This caviar is extracted from the famous and exclusive Gueldenstaedtil sturgeon which finds its origin in the renown Caspian sea. The specificity of this caviar is its amazing marine savor with a touch of dried fruit. The roes are firm with golden amber color, they roll very well under the palate releasing gradually their delicate taste. On average, Oscietra caviar by Sturia house has been aged over 6 months, which gives this extraordinary long after-taste in the palate. It took more than 10 years to Sturia house to develop, maintain and sustain the Osicetra specie in their sturgeon farms. The result is fantastic, the taste is very close to the wild Oscietra caviar with the confidence that you are enjoying a sustainable natural product. This is the kind of caviar to be offered to fine caviar connoisseurs.

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