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Foie gras "torchon" NEW RECIPE - 200g (halal) - to be stored in chiller

Ernest Soulard France

A cooked foie gras prepared in the most traditional way...

The whole foie gras is rolled tightly in a cloth, called "torchon" in French, itself soaked in a broth of herbs to enhance the unctuous taste of gras. Halal foie gras. To be stored in the fridge.

More Information
Weight 200g
Specification Ernest SOULARD is located in l'Oie in Vendee. With its moderate climate, this region of France is seen as the ideal area for breeding and rearing ducks. The Vendee is the 1st region for the production of Barbary ducks in France. Ernest Soulard gets each year since 2004, the IFS certification. International Food Standard is a repository audit suppliers food labels. IFS serves the examination and certification systems to ensure food safety and quality of food production. This certificate is based on the quality management standard ISO 9001 plus the principles of good manufacturing (cleaning and disinfection, the fight against pests, servicing, maintenance and training) and the principles of HACCP.
Add a pinch of fleur de sel on top of the foie gras on each toast, it will enhance its aromas.