Dubai and abu dhabi food and drink online home & boat delivery

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Are you looking for a fine food and drinks delivery service in the Emirates ? Of course you want quality, of course you want taste. You are only looking for the best products in the whole UAE. So just stop wasting your time and don't search anymore. You are at the right place. On Secrets Fine Food grocery website you will find out all the best products which can be delivered at your home or on your boat, it's up to you.

Secrets Fine Food and products

Secrets Fine Food is an online grocery that only offers the best food and drink to the people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The company

Secrets Fine Food is a company founded by a French woman. This woman is called Stephanie Duriez. And her company - Secrets Fine Food - is an online grocery shopping Dubai and region. At Secrets Fine Food online shop the products are chosen according to some important values. The main values are quality, passion, taste and origin. To ensure that these criteria are respected, the owner of Secrets Fine Food herself choose the products for her online grocery. She selects food according to their taste and according to their terroir. In short, Secrets Fine Food wants to offer you the excellence. Also the availability of the products is one of the numerous priorities in order to propose you food that really can be delivered to you.

The Secrets Fine Food products

Secrets Fine Food online grocery can provide different kinds of products. The shop supplies some essential products for everyday meals. And the boutique also offers a lot of exquisite food for special diners and for great occasions, to share with friends and family. You can purchase :
- pastries like croissants and pains au chocolat
- meat and fish
- dairy products
- potatoes
- vegetables and fruits in can such as tomatoes, preserved lemons, gherkins and so on
- oils, vinegars, spices, salt and pepper.

Besides you can command :
- extraordinary edible flowers and leaves
- seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables organic food
- gluten-free food
- specific ingredients for chinese cuisine, japanese cuisine and peruvian cuisine
- a wide selection of tea.

On you can find some accessories and some recipes too.

Secrets Fine Food only deals with the best artisans all over the world. Actually, the masters and the providers of the online shop are from countries where the gastronomy and the art of living are real traditions. So the online grocery is sure to offer you delicious products for you to cook the best dishes. Although some products of Secrets Fine Food are cooked in some of the best restaurants all around the world. This website propose you french products of course but also italian ones and japanese ones. For instance, at Secrets Fine Food online boutique you can buy fine food such as foie gras, duck meat and truffle. All these products are directly imported from France. You can also find french cheese, french butter and french mustard. And you can get the famous Lenôtre pastries. Moreover the Kobe beef comes from Japan and the Wagyu beef is from Australia. We have got some prawns from New Caledonia, we sell meat from Italy, we offer satay from Singapore and we propose a delightful caviar from Iran. These are only authentic foods. Some food ready to eat and some food that you can cook for a tasty recipe. In few words, purchasing food at our online shop is the guarantee for getting the best.

Delivery service in the cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Thanks to a very special service of delivery you shop online all the products you want. Then in just one day Secrets Fine Food is able to deliver you at your home of Dubai and Abu Dhabi or on your boat in those cities. Whoever you are we wish to enjoy you : if you are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a short time like holidays, or if you work here, or if you live here and if you miss your country, or if simply you are a gastronomy lover. Also Secrets Fine Food is able to provide masters of restaurants and home chefs sitting in the cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By choosing shopping and shipping on Secrets Fine Food you make sure that all the products you command are available. On this website you can get wonderful and fresh food with best taste. The products all are delivered directly from the provider to the online grocery Secrets Fine Food. One of the missions of Secrets Fine Food is to give the best satisfaction to every clients. That is why Secrets Fine Food online grocery keep an eye on food and drink quality, on their supplier and on their origin. Thereby the shop make sure that you can taste high quality food at home and on yacht.

Yacht delivery

You have got a boat and you need a service of yacht delivery ? We know that some of you live on their boat in the Emirates, in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. So they need yacht provisioning. We also know that some people rent a yacht for holidays, for a business diner or for party. Here again they are in need of yacht provisioner. In this case, please contact Secrets Fine Food. This online shopping Abu Dhabi and online grocery shopping Dubai will quickly deliver you on your boat. There is no matter about where you live on land or sea. We deliver you within the same period. With Secrets Fine Food you make sure to get the best food. If you absolutely need some special product that you can't find out on the website, you could get this on demand. Just ask for it and Secrets Fine Food is going to do his best to provide you the food and the drink you are looking for.