DOP artisanal manchego curado Malacara 6-month aged (sheep milk) - 200g

Herve Mons Spain
Manchego cheese made based on the traditional recipe from La Mancha, with an intense aroma and flavor that surprises with sweet and roasted notes, normally not present in the cured sheep cheeses of this region, characteristics that make it so special.
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Weight 200g
Specification It is a family cheese workshop, which has been dedicated for three generations to the transformation of milk, and today Félix Iniesta and his family are in charge of keeping that legacy alive, proud of having managed to successfully combine the artisan tradition of his family, with technical advances in machinery and hygiene. The Manchego cheese that they make is very unique, a personality that is granted by mastery of cheese technology and the care that the cheeses receive during the refining period in the civil works chambers that they have in Herencia.
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