Selection of 5 French farm cheese "exquisite" / cheese platter - 1kg (9006A)

Maitre Affineur Herve Mons France


Ovalie Cendrée Poitou-Charentes Goat 150g

Comté BV aop Franche-Comté Cow 200g

Bleu des Causses aop Midi Pyrénées Cow 1/4 300g

St Félicien Sélection Rhône Alpes Cow 150g

Langres aop Champagne Ardennes Cow 200g

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Weight 1kg
Specification N/A
Half of the fun about cheese platter is trying the cheese out with different flavors such as Poilane bread, fig or morello jams, mostarda, balsamic vinegar, honey, berries and grapes.