UHT cream 35% "saveur de l'annee 2013" / creme fraiche 35% - 1L

Lescure France

Elected "saveur de l'annee" 2013, famed for its quality and taste, used in high-standard hotels and restaurants all over the world, the UHT Cream Lescure is perfect hot or cold, for pastry, desserts and sauce.

All its users reckon great culinary qualities. As a whipped cream, its fine and dense texture, its pure whiteness are appreciated by the professionals.

Its perfect bind gives your sauces a generous and smooth aspect.

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Weight pc
Specification Lescure is an AOC designation for artisanal butters and cream made in France's Charentes region. Pastry chefs like Francois Payard covet this butter because it caramelises well and yields extra-moist crumb in baked desserts.