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For 3 generations now, the family business Roches Blanches has been making artisanal Normand pork dry sausages. This Normandy coldcut specialty is their only field of activity, and their only obsession is to continue to perpetuate in tradition and authenticity the manufacture of the best artisanal dry sausages in the region.

To do this, it all starts with a draconian and local selection of the best Norman pigs. They are currently working with two breeders in the region: Mr. Pascal De Sutter in Betteville and Mr. Laurent Carpentier in Fresnoy-Folny. These breeders are part of an association with the objective of maintaining and enhancing a Norman pig production sector that has almost disappeared in the region. They feed their animals cereals and flaxseeds in order to obtain superior meat.

Les Roches Blanches uses only the finest pieces of pork, including hams, to obtain high-end Norman dry sausages with unique flavors.