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Lionel Poilâne was a French boulanger and entrepreneur whose commitment to crafting quality bread earned him worldwide fame. His father, Pierre Poilâne started a baking business in 1932, creating bread using stone-ground flour, natural fermentation and a wood-fired oven. Lionel took over the bakery in 1970, continuing the traditional methods. Today, Lionel's daughter Apollonia is running the family bakery successfully.

Poilâne is widely known for a round, about two-kilogram sourdough country bread referred to as a miche or pain Poilâne. This bread is often referred to as whole-wheat but in fact is not: the flour used is mostly so-called grey flour of 85% extraction (meaning that some but not all of the wheat bran is retained).

In addition to miches, the Poilâne bakery offers raisin bread, walnut bread ... Poilâne is one of the most famous names in the baking world today.