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Created in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne, this celebrated Parisian bakery has lasted decades by preserving what is best.

Three Poilâne generations - Pierre, Lionel, and Apollonia - have followed in each other’s footsteps, each driven by the same purpose: to offer breads made from diverse grains and slow fermentation, prioritizing quality over quantity.

The original Poilâne, was created in 1932, continues to be the iconic product of a bakery with international renown. In staying true to its founding principles—making high quality bread for all—and in creatively joining the arts of living well and eating well, Poilâne has flourished, offering its savoir-faire across France and all over the world.

At Poilâne, they use only carefully selected stone-ground local grains, and follow an ancestral slow fermentation technique with their natural sourdough leaven. They take their duties as bakers seriously: each handmade batch showcases their passion for transforming nutrient-rich grains through fermentation to create healthy breads with unique tastes.

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