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Beurre Plaquette has been made for generations by the Plaquette family. Emilie & Léon, Fernande & Louis, Agnès & Léon and now Lionel, the sixth generation to take charge of L&L Plaquette Farmhouse butter production. Lionel has made a name for himself and has been called the raw milk butter specialist, qualified as such by culinary critics. He has built on the family legacy, innovated and added more gourmet options to elevate butter to a whole new level.

The butters from the L&L Plaquette farm in the Namur region are exceptional butters that focus above all on taste and quality. Their farm butters are made with raw (unpasteurized) milk, which brings a greater depth of flavor. Once they hit your taste buds, you would know instantly that they are well-made and full of flavor.

Praised by the greatest chefs and partners of Euro-toques, L&L Plaquette butters have received the Coq de Cristal award as well as two International Taste and Quality Institute awards.

L&L Plaquette butters are fully traceable from field to plate. They are naturally healthy and contain no additives. Let them be the base of your sandwiches and toasts, or to enjoy with fish or grilled meats.

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