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There is nothing in François-Xavier Delmas’ early life to suggest his later career as a tea explorer and merchant. His father was a French government finance auditor, his mother a coffee connoisseur; but nothing in particular predestined him for the tea trade.


Yet today, Francois-Xavier is internationally recognised for his experience, his capabilities to discover fantastic small tea-estates and his skills to assemble and combine teas and natural aromas revealing fantastic blends. Today, his trading company Le Palais des Thés is one of the leading direct  French importers of the finest teas harvested around the world. 

François-Xavier Delmas is particularly passionate about two aspects of his work: travelling around the world in quest for the finest teas, and exercising his skills as a taster. The quality of his work depends on his excellent relationship with his tea producers and his expertise built-up during the past 22 years.


Francois Xavier’s mission is very clear :  selecting the highest quality teas. To offer not only quality but also variety and rare teas, Francois Xavier sources himself directly from the producing countries. He spends more than half the year travelling through tea-producing countries like Nepal, India, China and Japan in search of the best pluckings. His strict criteria for selecting teas are applied back in Paris too, with daily tasting sessions at the office of Le Palais des Thés where thousands of samples arrive each year from the growers.


At the high point in the season, in spring, the team taste more than 200 teas every day before selecting the best brews and the freshest leaves, those that stand out for their aromatic richness and perfectly balanced flavours.

François-Xavier Delmas loves to share his passion. Every year he takes a small team of between 5 and 10 colleagues to visit the plantations, observe the processing of the leaves and meet the growers.


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