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Miel de mon enfance offers a wide range of organic honey, labelled by European Community and made in France reflecting the colors of the French countryside. Thanks to the wealth of the French floral biodiversity, Miel de mon Enfance honeys are harvested in more than 2000 different sites in regional parks like in Natura 2000 sites. All those different kinds of honey are gathered and very nicely packaged in a traditional jar to preserve their natural and gustative characteristics and for less carbon print.

The exquisite flavours and nectars of flowers such as lavender, chesnut, lime blossom can be found in the Miel de mon Enfance collection, ensuring a pure moment of indulgence and happiness for anyone tasting them.

Honey is a Love affair in the Renoir family. The Renoirs don't only gather amazing honeys from all over France, they are also producers, caring their own hives. As passionate producers, Miel de Mon Enfance commits to sustainable development and to biodiversity conservation for the health of bees and for our common environment and future. By acquiring an organic honey jar, you participate to the sustainability of the bees and of our Nature !

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