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What would be the Maison Gaillard without Jean-Luc Clamens?

Discreet, secretive, difficult to reach... Jean-Luc Clamens is one of those "happy fews" able to source, identify and select the best truffles in the world. Not easy to make the difference between a tuber melanosporum and a tuber brumale when there are so similar, but their taste is so different that the brumale is sold 10 times less expensive than her famous sister "tuber melanosporum" so better have a picky eye! Not easy neither to select the most regular shapes possible to decorate the dishes of the super demanding Chefs...

Thanks to patience and devotion, Jean Luc has been dedicated his time to the "Truffe du Perigord" with success and send those black diamonds to the best tables of the world.