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Loch Fyne meaning Loch of the Vine or Wine, although there is no evidence that grapes have grown there ever... The title is probably honorific indicating that the River 'Abhainn Fìne' was a well-respected river. Actually, it is a sea loch on the west coast of Argyll and Bute, in Scotland. It extends 65 kilometres (40 miles) inland from the Sound of Bute, making it the longest of the sea lochs. With such a natural resource, no wonder the salmons and trouts from Loch Fyne are so fleshy and savory!

All of Loch Fyne' salmons come from Freedom Food approved fisheries, either in Loch Fyne or in close West Coast pristine water lochs.

Loch Fyne is determined to ensure only the very best produce, farmed and fished to the highest quality and environmental standards, reaches the kitchens and plates of its customers.