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Talk to just about any French person, and he or she will tell you how much they love it.


 “Butter ? I love butter first thing in the morning when I spread it on my bread,” says Guy Savoy, one of Paris’s most vaunted three-star chefs. He considers Bordier’s butter so good that he puts it on the table of his restaurant. “To me, butter is that tartine with blueberry jam; it’s the afternoon snack with chocolate; it’s the finish of a sauce. Certain recipes simply cannot be made without butter".

Jean-Yves Bordier is the last craftsman who churns his butter in a wooden churn. He is the only one nowadays who salts manually his butter in the old traditionnal way. Did you know that Jean-Yves Bordier adapts the churning time according to the season?

Jean-Yves also produces "taylor-made" butters for the best Chefs in the world with specific shapes, specific salt percentage and specific humidity level based on the expectation of each of them. Jean-Yves Bordier is also famous for the high quality of his dairy products, in particular his delicious yogurts