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La Fermière is a family owned company located in Provence, nourished by the passion for good food since 1952, they continually invent, develop, and refine creative recipes to delight your taste buds.

For La fermiere, it’s important to offer indulgent desserts that follow authentic recipes and that create small moments of pure delight. A perfect culinary experience, from the first glance to the very last spoonful. They believe that it’s possible to produce quality products that are sourced locally in France as much as possible. They are committed to a sustainable development initiative, especially in relation to our partner milk producers located in the French Alpes.

100% French milk, collected everyday in the heart of the Alpes at our partner farm. A smooth sweet cream that makes the desserts so rich.

The containers also called "pots" come in all shades and are made of terracotta. They provide an excellent way to conserve yogurt and help preserve their unique taste. They stand up to freezing and baking in the oven, so why not use them at home? Consult the La Fermiere “Recycl’Art” page to find out the one hundred and one different ways of using your La Fermière pots! As this jar is inert and without any environmental impact you can also throw it away with your regular household waste.

The glass pots are inert, impermeable and transparent. They can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality or purity, thanks to their natural composition. Recycle them or re-use them, you choose!

The cardboard in the packaging and the metail lid can also be recycled, but not on their own ! Help them on their way by throwing them in the sorting bin.

100% plant-based inks are used and acrylic (water-based) varnish for the cardboard packaging. The ink and varnish suppliers are members of EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association), thus guaranteeing formulations free from banned raw materials.