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In the village of L'Oie, in the heart of the Vendée, in 1936, a young apprentice poultry keeper called Ernest SOULARD decided to start his own company. The first few years were difficult, as he had to be present at all local markets to purchase poultry. Eventually, his establishment flourished. The business grew in size and a purpose built accredited abattoir was constructed. The family business continued to grow.

To keep ahead of the competition, Mr SOULARD has decided to control all aspects of production. The breeders have been integrated in the company. The company has acquired a hatchery to ensure the quality of its egg production. Last but not least, a feed mill was constructed to prepare 100% vegetable feed for SOULARD ducks exclusively. The company has created several duck farms specialized in the rearing of Barbarie and Mulard ducks.

Thanks to a production process controlled from the eggs to the dish, SOULARD offers a very high quality of products.