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Inspired by the taste and benefits of the precious olive oil from Provence, Mr Popelin, also pharmacist, opened the first A l'Olivier boutique in Paris in 1822.

With passion for the mediterranean elixir, Monsieur Popelin dedicated a large part of his time to educate the Parisians to the subtelity of the precious green liquid and to the Mediterranean lifestyle. Through the years, the A l'Olivier House continuously met with success thanks to a closer proximity of its workshops with the olive tree fields in Provence and a continuous quest for innovation and excellence.

Today, A l'Olivier house is renown for his delicious recipes of infused extra virgin olive oils offering original and well-balanced dressings to accompany any salads, fish or meat. The House is also famous for its oils extracted from nut kernels. Recently, A l'Olivier has launched an amzing and truly innovative offer of vinegars made of fresh fruit pulp.