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Their manufacturing process is artisanal and authentic. They collect the milk every morning for the day's making; it comes from the Verneuil dairy cooperative located just a few kilometers from their workshop. The manufacturing steps of the products have remained traditional to the delight of the taste buds!

Pasteurization involves heating milk to a high temperature in order to eliminate microorganisms present in the milk that are undesirable for humans. The milk is then cooled and maintained at a temperature of 49 ° C before being inoculated. Inoculation consists of introducing specific lactic ferments into the milk, so that it takes on the melting and creamy consistency of yogurt.

Stirring involves mixing the fruit with the yogurt. It is done manually in order to keep all the smoothness and creaminess of the yogurts.


In 2019, the products won two bronze medals at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in the "Plain cow's milk yogurt" and "Apricot-stirred cow's milk yoghurt" categories. Le Fierbois company is also very proud to have obtained two silver medals for our caramel rice pudding and our chocolate dessert cream and a bronze medal for our strawberry yogurt in the international product competition at the Mondial du fromage in Tours!