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The “Conserverie Saint Christophe” is a preserving workshop located in Hauts de France, Northern France, it is specialized in meat, poultry, game, fish, condiments and samphire conserves. The company was created in 1990 by Eric VAN OOST and Christine APTHORP. They started their business by selling roast chickens and terrines on the local markets in the region, when they sa the success of their products, they develop their activity with gourmet culinary preparations made of high quality ingredients locally sourced.

The "Conserverie St Christophe" preserves are presented in sealed, sterile jars. Each item is guaranteed to be an artisanal, authentic and traditional product, which respect all veterinary and hygiene standards. They owe the quality of taste to the selection of high quality ingredients and absence of preservative, coloring and taste enhancer.