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In 2015, Nadège Gaultier and Laura Goninet founded Confiture Parisienne with the desire to create exceptional jams using products that are just as exceptional.

In the Confiture Parisienne workshop, all the fruits are selected at the heart of their season, in close collaboration with small producers who are passionate about their products. Rhubarb from Picardy, pear from the Loiret, apricot, fig and strawberry from the Vaucluse, Confiture Parisienne favours harvests from the Ile-de-France and national markets as much as possible and sometimes from elsewhere, depending on the recipes. The unrefined organic and conventional cane sugar comes from a factory in the Bouches-du-Rhône. 

Cooked in small quantities in copper cauldrons, each jam is carefully prepared, all its ingredients integrated with balance to find their exact place and express all their taste. They are prepared according to traditional and artisanal methods, without any additives or preservatives.