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The quality of base ingredients is of quintessential importance at Ferme d’Upignac. They use Moulard ducks for their products, which are a cross between Peking and Muscovy ducks. They use the traditional method to make foie gras at their modern workshop in Upigny, which is located just a kilometre from our farm. They don’t make conserves because foie gras that is cooked too long loses both volume and taste. Instead, they vacuum seal it to preserve its full aroma and freshness.

Duck or goose, what’s the difference? 

Goose foie gras has a beige to light-pink colour and a soft, delicate taste. Duck foie gras is smaller in size and has a more ochre-pink colour. It is especially beloved for its savoury flavour. Its authentic aromas are a treat for the taste buds.