Vintense O°Rigin red wine "Les Galets" 48% Grenache / 52% Syrah grapes 0% alcohol - 75cl

Vintense O°rigin Les Galets is produced in the purest tradition from the Rhone region. The grape varieties are composed of 48% Grenache and 52% Syrah, and when combined it provides a perfect structure to the depth of this alcohol free red wine. The Grenache offers roundness of character and the tannins give it a genuine heady depth. The Syrah, star grape variety from the Rhone region, brings the flavours of baked bread, black fruits (blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants) and floral notes (violet). The colour is deep and dense, with slightly purplish glints. Vintense O°rigin Les Galets is full of generosity and tasting pleasure!
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Weight 1 unit
Specification Ingredients : Non alcoholic Grenache and Syrah Grape (96%), sucrose, natural flavoring, tannins, preservative: E242, antioxidant: ascorbic acid. Contains sulphites