Mandarine unsweetened juice grown in Sicily - 1kg (frozen) - 100% natural, no colouring, no preservative

  • Sicoly
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SICOLY®’s frozen and unsweetened mandarin juice is made from mandarins grown in Sicily. The fruits are selected for their fruity, tart yet non-bitter flavours typical of the fruits of this origin. Squeezed and sieved, the mandarin juice is heat treated by a special, ultra-rapid ohmic heating process, which contributes to preserving all the organoleptic qualities of the fresh fruit (flavour, colour, texture).

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Brands Sicoly
Weight 1kg
The frozen mandarin juice 100% can be used in both sweet (pastries, ice-creams, sorbets, chocolates, etc.) and savoury recipes. It can also be used in the beverage industry to create delicious cocktails, beers, sodas and many more!