Chilled Australian beef ribeye (cube roll) 170 aed/kg - 120 days grain-fed - 3 kg (halal)

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The rib eye or ribeye, also known as Scotch fillet in Australia and New Zealand, is a beef steak from the rib section.

It is one of the more flavorful cuts of beef, due to the muscle getting a lot of exercise during its life, unlike the tenderloin. Cattle, bred for the 1824 beef program, are fed on quality grains for a minimum 120 days.

In order to achieve superior quality, consistency and uniformity 52 weeks of the year, only a small percentage of cattle are selected for the elite 1824 Premium Beef range.

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Specification The superiority of 1824 Premium Beef has been well established with its many awards, including a silver medal at the prestigious Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and winning the Best Branded Product at Australia's highly contested Red Meat Innovation Awards for three consecutive years, a feat never before achieved by any other beef brand.