Pistachio paste 100% natural - 100g

  • Terre Exotique
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Ground pistachios will turn any ice-cream, whipped cream or muffin into a divine dessert. Pistachio paste isn’t eaten on its own but used sparingly in your sweet and savoury dishes.
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Brands Terre Exotique
Weight 100g
Specification Ingredients : Pistachio (100%).

This delicious paste has no added sweetener or colouring and is true to the gentle flavour of pistachios.

Use it to decorate and gently flavour your pastries, macarons, ice-creams, whipped cream, financier and madeleine small cakes, apricot or strawberry tart, Christmas logs, and even home-made yoghurts.

You can also use it in savoury dishes; in rougail or why not add it to your stuffing for poultry. This paste is made from ground pistachios which have been carefully dried and not grilled. Use 100g of pistachio paste per liter of mixture in your recipes.