Tonka beans - 50g

  • Terre Exotique
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This beautiful Amazonian tonka bean releases warm and indulging notes of vanilla and caramel. Once ground or grated, it will bring warmth to your desserts, fish, vegetables, seafood and poultry.

Its taste is warm and sensual with alight bitterness similar to cocoa.

Grated Tonka bean is used in compotes, creamy desserts, with chocolate or can be used as a trinket inside a Galette des Rois.

More Information
Brands Terre Exotique
Weight 50g
Specification Ingredients : Tonka beans.
Tonka beans lend their aroma to custards, crème brulées or cakes. They also perfectly perfume rice pudding, crèpes or macarons. Vary your presentations by grating some into your strawberry purée or onto fruit desserts.