Dry trompettes (black) - 500g

Sabarot France
Trompettes have delicate, parmesan and blue cheese aromas with intense, mushroom flavours. Trompette mushrooms are nicknamed ‘poor man’s truffle’ due to their dark colour and strong earthy flavours, which also allows them to mimic truffles when cut into slivers. Most often, dried trompette mushrooms are rehydrated in warm water, and are then pulled into long, thin strands and used as a delicate garnish for scallops, white fish or beef. The trompettes are also delicious when stirred into risotto, or even blended into a trompette tapenade and slavered on crusty bread.
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Weight 500g
Specification For more than 30 years, Sabarot has been dealing with local trusted partners to create a worldwide sourcing network that enable Sabarot today to insure the customers quality, quantity and traceability on origins.