Smoked salt churned butter - 125g

Le Beurre Bordier France

Never seen before! Creative initiator of unknown seasonings, Erwann De Keeros, the founder of “Terre Exotique”, made Jean-Yves Bordier taste the Viking smoked salt.

This sea salt from Norway is “smoked” following the Norwegian tradition by combining various spices. It is a delicate blend of pepper, onions and curry (which, in itself, is already a blend of spices) that gives this amazing “smoking” feeling, as well as a great depth of aromatic intensity. Combining it with the Famous Bordier butter, excellent at fixing flavors, appeared simply obvious.

It will be a perfect match for white meats and game, just melted over an oven-baked fish or even with crushed potatoes to which will be added a few mushrooms cooked in this smoky butter. Many other uses can be developed, such as an addition to slowly braised French endives, leeks …

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Weight 125g
Specification Without a doubt, the most refined and sophisticated butter on the market. Jean-Yves Bordier, the master of butter, has been making and selling it at La Maison du Beurre (The House of Butter) in Normandy’s Saint Malo since 1985. Its production and refinement in a cellar make it one of the best butters in France and in the world. While a normal butter is made in about 6 hours, this one needs three days for its production, a process largely done by hand. Bordier breaks with tradition and convention his flavored collection such as the smoked salt.