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Bresaola is an air-dried piece of beef, which has been carefully seasoned with salt and spices, matured and aged during 2 to 3 months. It can be enjoyed as a delicious appetizer that you can share with your friends and family any time of the day. From the Lombardy region, in Italy, the bresaola we offer has been carefully selected for its quality and its fragant taste. Why wouldn't you try it? 

How is bresaola made?

The secret to get an excellent bresaola is to dry-cure the meat in a very specific natural environment where the balance between temperature and air circulation is optimized. That’s why bresaola della Valtellina (valley located in Lombardy in Northern Italy) carries the IGP label as a sign of recognition of its unique quality. Fresh winds from the Alps create the best conditions for gradual maturation of the meat. Apart of being a tasty delicacy, bresaola is also very healthy as the round top is a very lean piece of beef.