Escargots/snails meat - 6 dozens without shell 850g

Sabarot France

Burgundy's snails are nowadays one of the refined products from France in great demand. Considered to be one of the ambassadors of the French gastronomy, the traditional escargots are indeed more and more protected and in the Burgundy region, snail collecting is indeed strictly controlled.

In the traditional French snails recipe, fresh pureed garlic and chopped parsley predominate. Gourmets now prefer using garlic oil and parsley cream or add lemon and creme fraiche to lighten the garnish. This traditional, flavourful Bourgogne gastronomic specialty will definitely surprise your palate!

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Weight 850g
Specification For more than 30 years, Sabarot has been dealing with local trusted partners to create a worldwide sourcing network that enable Sabarot today to insure the customers quality, quantity and traceability on origins.