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Diamond salt with grater - 400g

Terre Exotique
__ AED 73.50 __

Diamond salt is a fossil or rock salt whose crystals were formed 100 million years ago in the Precambrian seas. The extreme pressure exerted by tectonic plate movements gave rise to the formation of crystals with a very special structure.

These crystals are attractive and a table dressing feature. Your guests can help themselves to the crystal salt and its accompanying rasp.

Style and originality is sure to be guaranteed !

The discovery of a pepper plantation in Penja, a small village in Cameroon, is the origin of Terre Exotique. This is after cultivating this great pepper for 4 years that the Terre Exotique collection was born as the result of a determination to select the exquisite flavors of high quality. Today, Terre Exotique sources its oils, salts, peppers and spices around the world and "mature" each of them producing original blends. Terre Exotique is re known for the quality of its products by the greatest Chefs in the world.