What is so nice about hampers ?

What is so nice about hampers ?


Etymologically, a hamper used to be a set filled with related products such as food or cutlery. Because of its compact and light shape, the hamper used to be easy to carry food for long journey or for hunt party picnics. Most commonly, hamper is a wicker basket filled with a delicate selection of food products to be offered as gift.  


The hamper is a master gift 


A hamper is an enduring pleasure, the gift that will never disappoint.  A hamper is a treasure chest of delicious and gastronomic delights, filled with luxuries and surprises selected for their unique and outstanding qualities. It is a great occasion to make people discover different delicacies that they might never have tried. 


Historically, the UK and Ireland have a long culture for hamper gifting. For every occasion such as Christmas, New Year’s or a Birthday, British or Irish fine grocery companies develop delicate selections in accordance with a specific theme within a range of different price points.


Find the perfect hamper with us


Nowadays, the privilege of the hamper confection is also shared by other nationality companies. Whether you are a truffle lover or a sweet tooth, an extra virgin olive oil fan or a tea connoisseur, Secrets Fine Food will offer you a custom-made selection according to your taste or your budget. 

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