Wagyu beef tataki with yuzu goma dressing

Wagyu beef tataki with yuzu goma dressing


For 6 to 8 persons

First, prepare separately 3 different sauces.


Ponzu and truffle dressing

Mix and set aside.


Goma sauce

  • 60gr white sesame seeds
  • 180gr goma paste (white)
  • 30gr caster sugar
  • 120ml vegetable stoke
  • 30ml light soy sauce
  • 2g salt

Mix and set aside


Yuzu and soy sauce dressing

  • 125ml olive oil
  • 12gr garlic
  • 120gr yuzu peel
  • 200ml ponzu juice
  • 200ml light soy sauce
  • 100ml mirin

Mix and set aside





Wagyu tenderloin grade 5 Master Kobe

12/18 x 80g

 For the Wagyu cooking, pre heat a non-stick pan-fry (previously brushed with oil).


Sear the Wagyu fillet on all sides.

Once seared, cut fine portions to your liking.

Set the meat portions on a Himalayan salt block or simply on a separate plate.

Top-up with finely chopped spring onions and fine slices of fresh truffle.

Present the sauce, separately, in ramekin.

This dish can be served with a fresh salad of carrot, cucumber, baby cress and daikon finely cut “Julienne” style and accompany with a lemon dressing.

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